Our Production

Our Production

We know that olive oil production is a delicate process so we partnered up with the best. Our production partner is not only one of the major olive oil producers worldwide, but they are also a leading player in the food industry with certifications from internationally recognised institutions.

Our partner represents a product with a rich history of its own as an established, globally recognised brand. We thrive with our partner and are proud to be working with them directly. Our direct collaboration with the producer allows us to oversee the whole production process and assure that all products are up to our standards before anything leaves the site.

Our production partner values the use of state of the art technology in their facilities and invests heavily to ensure that their machinery and production team are of the highest quality.

Below is some information about our production capabilities and capacity;

Olive Crushing

16.000 tones / year crushing capacity

Crushing within approximately capacity of 220 tones / day of olives

Yielding 45 tones / day of olive oil


60.000 tones / year refinery capacity

150 tones / pday physical or 100 tones/pday chemical decontamination capacity

200 tons / pday refinery (SCADA automatic)

Total: 300-350 tons / pday refinery capacity

Fully Automatic Continuous Physical Refining Unit (Andreotti)

High efficiency new generation vacuum system

High capacity and stable production opportunity

Best refined results on a sectoral basis (Color, taste, odor, etc.)

Fully Automatic Chemical Refining Facility (Multi-Mix Line)

Full neutralization working (12% FFA)

Dual stage full neutralization operation (18% FFA)

Cold neutral operation (8% FFA)

Ability to realize all chemical working principles

Fully Automatic Continuous Bleaching (Lightening) Unit (Andreotti)

Working with Light Refining (1 Red)

High dosing of soil (> 8%)

Cold filtration (<25 C)

Ability to realize all the principles of lightening color


Underground air-conditioned facilities of stainless steel, chromium nickel storage tanks with the capacity of 8.400 tons.

Total storage capacity: 14.000 tones


300 tons / pday filling (total of bulk and packaged products) capacity

15.000 tons / year packing capacity (small packages such as bottles, cans, etc.)